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Product Features

  • three-dimensional massage roller durable material

  • relaxing massage and Lift and tighten the face and body in 360 degrees.

  • The roller can absorb light and convert it into soft wave energy. that is close to the waves in our body Using a massage roller will help your skin become soft, firm and shiny.


Any help?

  • Lift and tighten the face and body

  • relaxing massage

  • Stimulate blood circulation under the skin.

  • Helps to relax muscles that are tired from Office Syndrome symptoms.

  • stimulate metabolism

how to use

  1. Face care: Drag from the cheekbones down the contour of the face from top to bottom to lift and lift. cheeks and corners of the mouth Massage the chin area to reduce dewlap.

  2. Neck Care: Massage your neck and shoulders to relieve fatigue.

  3. Body care: Massage up and down the arms, legs, abdomen, shoulders, and shoulders.

technical data

3DR spec.jpg
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