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Product Features

  • Sucking pimples with strong air pressure

  • Can adjust the suction level to 3 levels

  • There are 4 nozzles in total  can be changed as needed.

    • Large round head​ strong suction

    • Small spherical head, not very powerful suction.

    • Elliptical head for suction and lifting

    • coarse head for exfoliation

  • LED display screen

  • Charge with USB cable

  • Product warranty 1 year


Any help?

  • clean pores

  • Suck pimples, clogged acne, clogged fat in the pores.

  • Lift and tighten wrinkles, nasolabial folds

how to use

  1. Select the desired nozzle and press the power button.

  2. Place the suction head where you want to suck. Then drag and push out in a 45 degree diagonal or drag away from the tip of the nose or the edge of the face.

  3. Remove and clean the suction head or use a cotton bud to clean it.

technical data

BHR spec.jpg
CBG - Trio Cleansing Stick 001_0.jpg
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