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Product Features

  • 2 levels of rotation adjustable

  • 2 polishing heads (there are polishing heads sold separately REFILL)

  • The head can be removed to clean with water.

  • Premium silicone handles

  • Charges via USB cable, saves the need to change batteries

  • Product warranty 1 year


Any help?

  • Scrub away dead skin cells with a coarse scrubbing head.

  • Keep the surface details smooth with a fine polishing head.

  • Soft and smooth heels  wearing beautiful shoes

  • Reduce foot pain from dry, cracked heels

how to use

  1. Choose the scrubbing head you want to scrub your heels.

  2. Press to turn on the machine and select the power level.

  3. to scrub the heels (Scrub on dry or damp heels) The polishing head will rotate in a circle. Let us scrub in the up-down or left-right direction.Do not scrub in circles according to the rotating machine.

  4. Do not scrub in the same spot for more than 5 seconds.

  5. When finished scrubbing, apply a nourishing cream after scrubbing the heels. and clean the polishing head

technical data

EFS spec.jpg
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