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Product Features

  • 2in1 IPL laser head for clear skin and hair removal in one

  • Removes hair on face, body and bikini area

  • Light intensity can be adjusted to 5 levels.

  • Shot 990,000++ times

  • Quartz Tube to take care of the skin, even sensitive skin.

  • Intense light level 5-13J

  • Adjust the light to match every skin tone.

  • Product warranty 1 year

Caution:Please test the light level on the skin before first use.


Any help?

  • Hair removal and clear skin laser all over the body.

how to use

  1. Plug the adapter into the power outlet and plug the cable into the machine properly. The screen will show OFF. The machine will go into standby mode. Initialize.

  2. Press the power button, the screen will display the number of shots remaining that can be fired. and the machine will start in manual single flash mode.

  3. Place the machine head against the skin perpendicular to the skin. Note that the screen will show that Ready can press to shoot the light. When the light has been fired 1 time, change the point and wait until the machine says Ready again to be able to fire again. (The machine has a safety sensor. Will emit light only when the head of the machine is attached to the skin)

  4. To change the mode from manual fire to continuous fire Press and hold the shoot button. The screen will show a continuous mode symbol. Then, attach the machine head to the skin. The device will continuously emit light. Let us slowly move the firing point until the desired area. The beam will be fired about 60 times/minute (the machine has a safety sensor. Will emit light only when the head of the machine is attached to the skin)

  5. After use, press and hold the power off button. and unplug

**In skin testing on first use. Test all light levels and wait 24 hours to observe any abnormalities. If there is no abnormality Level 5 (maximum) can be used for best hair removal results**

Recommendations for use

The IPL Home Use machine is a machine that must be used carefully. Please read the manual carefully before use.

  • During the first 1-2 weeks, use the machine every other day or once every 2 days.

  • During the 3-4 weeks, gradually decrease to 3 times a week.

  • From the 5th week onwards, use according to the hair growth cycle, for example, when the hair is 3 mm long or longer, start using.


technical data

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