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Product Features

  • Mini fridge with a capacity of 4 liters

  • Able to release heat and cooling by simply switching to the desired mode.

  • Can be used both on the car with DC cable and indoors with AC cable.

  • In cold mode, the temperature is 15-20C, which is the ideal temperature to keep the skincare active ingredients in the best condition.

  • Hot mode, the temperature is 50-60C, can store milk or warm water.

  • Product warranty 6 months

  • Keep skincare for Active substances to maintain the best performance.

  • keep milk, water warm

  • 1. Plug in the correct way Before plugging in, please note the DC (car) and AC (home) plug and use them correctly.

  • for household use Connect the plug to a standardly installed power outlet only. then turn on the machine

  • For use on the car, plug in, turn on, ready to use and start the car.

  •  Slide the switch to COOL, the LED will turn green and the chiller will start.

  • Slide the switch to HEAT, the LED will turn red. and the heater will start working. The warmth of the machine will be at 50 – 60 C 3.

  • power off The machine will work all the time without automatic cutting. To turn it off, turn off the switch and unplug it.

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