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Product Features

  • Face and neck lifting massager HOT / SONIC/ PHOTOTHERAPY

  • Ultrasonic heat and vibration sensors

  • 3 color therapy light 

    • Blue light - Eliminates bacteria that cause acne.

    • Green light - helps control oiliness lock moisture

    • Red light – Helps lift and revitalize the skin.

  • Charge with USB cable 

  • Product warranty 1 year


Any help?

  • dewlap

  • Helps restore and tighten neck skin

  • Open the pores, push the cream to penetrate into the skin more.

  • Tightens and reduces dryness of pores.

  • muscle relaxation 

  • Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Adjust wrinkles around the neck to be more shallow.

how to use

  1. Apply nourishing cream all over the neck skin. and press the power button

  2. Choose the desired maintenance mode. The device emits heat in every mode.

  3. Massage the neck in a down-up or up-down direction, alternating left and right (see additional illustrations on the back of the box and in the manual).

technical data

NWR Spec.jpg
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