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Sangbam MaskBud LED

Intensive skin treatment with 7 colors of LED light therapy to revitalize clear skin urgently. from face to neck Special with automatic color changing mode and battery capacity that lasts up to 90 minutes.


Glow your skin with 7 colors LED light therapy

Product Feature
InfromthegandSforbuta LED

shine light 7color7 properties

corCovers face and neck FOnly worn once15 minutes each

It comes with 2 function modes. 

- Ultraboost mode 

Change color automatically, 2 minutes per color 
-Single light mode

Change the color as you like 


light intensity near the clinic

153 LED lights Pricelight intensity 24.343mW/cm² 

Comprehensive skin care

Helps to eliminate acne germs, reduce clogged acnestrengthen collagen tighten pores 

Adjust the skin to be strong. Exfoliation Helps skin look bright and healthy 


Easy to use, comfortable to wear safe

Skin light therapy does not cause sunburn/thin skin no recovery

There is light-blocking silicone around the eyes.

Can adjust the nose cradlematch withbridge

battery capacity

One charge can be used for up to 90 minutes.

InfromthegandSforbuta LED

  • personAcne problems come back again. have very inflamed acne but do not want to take drugs or drug resistance

  • Those who have problems with redness, black marks, acne scars, rough skin, dull skin

  • People with thin or swollen skinsurgery crate

  • Those who want to revitalize the skin to look smooth, soft, clear skin, reduce wrinkles.down look younger

The dermatological and aesthetic medicine community has introduced a range of light emitting diodes, or  LED. Let's help stimulate skin treatment. With a technology called Light Therapy that covers all skin problems.

red light


620 - 750nm

strengthen collagen
helps firm skin not sagging

blue light


465nm (+/- 10nm)

eliminate bacteria
Reduce clogged acne, relieve inflamed acne.

yellow light


560nm (+/- 10nm)

reduce melanin pigment
skin whitening

yellow lightgreen


teal blue light


purple light


orange light


525nm (+/- 10nm)

balance the skin
Reduce swelling after surgery

480nm (+/- 10nm)

Increase energy for skin cells.
stimulate metabolism

656nm (+/- 10nm)

580nm (+/- 10nm)

stimulate the lymph nodes
Reduce dark spots, red spots.

increase skin elasticity
Slow down the occurrence of wrinkles.

Technical Details
InfromthegandSforbuta LED

icon smm01.png
icon smm03.png
icon smm04.png
icon smm05.png
icon smm06.png

4.0VDC, power 2.0A

ABS Plastic + LED Light

21.7 x 17.2 x 11.8 cm.

battery capacity
Charge for 1 hour, use for 90 minutes.

126 grams

How to Use 
InfromthegandSforbuta LED

Tips for using LED Therapy Light Therapy
Wear the mask for 14-15 minutes, can change color gradually, but should use at least 2 minutes per color, can be used 3-4 times / week. but should not exceed 15 minutes at a time

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